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Tips & Tricks: How To Create Flawless Curls With The Right Styling Tools!!! (Demo)


There is nothing more stunning than a beautiful head of flawless curls.  Whether you adore big bouncy coils, defined ringlets, or cascading waves you simply can’t go wrong when curls are involved!  So what’s the trick?  It’s all about choosing the right styling tool to achieve the exact curl you desire.  So check out these 3 must have tools guaranteed to give you the perfect curls:


Hot Rollers:  A compact case of heated multi-sized rollers can do wonders when it comes to creating curls with volume.  For the best results, allow the curlers to fully heat-up before putting them into your hair.  Although most brands heat within 90 seconds, we recommend waiting at least 5-10 minutes so that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the roller.  Once hair is completely rolled,  the most important step is letting the rollers cool completely before taking them out.  This usually takes about 25-30 minutes, so it’s the perfect time to knock out your makeup while getting ready.

hot rollers

Curling Wands:  When you can’t decide between loose or tight curls always use a curling wand.  This styling tool is great because it gives you uniform curls that you can later brush or finger-comb out to create a loose wavy texture.  Just remember always curl hair away from your face for a free-flowing effect (think Kim Kardashian hair).


curling wand

Flexi-Rods:  If you want to bring out your inner diva definitely reach for your flexi-rods!  These rods are perfect for achieving big bouncy curls.  But first you have to put in some work!  Begin by taking moderate sections of your hair and curling each section with a 1″ curling iron. Let hair cool in your hand for about 1 minute, then wrap the section around a flexi-rod to set the curl.  Do this to your entire head, and once complete let all rods cool for approximately 20 minutes.  We promise the results will be well worth it!     [email protected]_Robinson

flexi rods

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