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5 Pro Tips On How To Properly Color Your Echelon Extensions!!!

Have you ever considering coloring your Echelon extensions, but decided against it because you were afraid of ruining your precious strands?  If so, join the club, no one wants to ruin their locks on account of keeping up with color trends.  However, if done correctly, coloring your extensions can be one of the most rewarding reasons for purchasing them in the first place.


Think about it, when wearing extensions there is absolutely no commitment when it comes to hair color because you no longer have to worry about damaging your real strands, especially if you wear our signature closures.  But if your still on the fence about coloring your weave, check out these 5 pro tips on how to properly color your extensions:


Tip 1:  Do consult a professional hair colorist for a consultation if your thinking about hair color of any kind.  Now is not the time to take DIY coloring lessons from your favorite Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook guru.  Seeking out a professional will help you achieve the exact color trend you desire without the hassle of doing it yourself.  Not to mention your less prone to hair damage, over-processing, or shedding because he/she understands the chemistry behind color.


Tip 2:  Always do a strand test!  Before attempting any color application always test out the color choice first on a 1″ inch section of your hair extensions.  Choose a section at the nape of your head (if you have already installed your hair) or use a 1″ section from your weft if you have not.  This way your able to see the results of your desired look without ruining your bundles.


Tip 3: Cool water is your friend!  Once your color has processed, and it’s time to rinse, do not rinse with hot water.  Always rinse your color out with cool water before shampooing because cool water helps close the hair cuticle.  Consequently, this seals the hair color into the hair shaft for a more vibrant, shiny finish.


Tip 4:  Be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo and deep conditioner to upkeep your hair color.  Sulfates will strip your beautifully colored locks, so be sure to find a shampoo that is completely sulfate-free when cleansing your newly hued strands.  Also, deep condition your hair at least once or twice a week since hair color tends to dry out your strands, especially your ends.


Tip 5:  Stay away from excessive heat!  After coloring your hair, try your best not to wear styles that require tons of thermal heat.  Your hair is already fragile from being colored, adding heat to your strands will only cause unwanted heat damage that will lead to split ends and breakage.

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