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Prevent Breakage: 3 Signs It’s Time To Take Down Your Weave Install!!!

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You’ve chosen your Echelon hair, had it professionally installed, but how do you know when it’s actually time to take down your weave install?


Most professional hairstylists recommend only adorning a weave for up to 8 weeks.  Anything longer than that time frame usually results in natural hair damage and breakage, which counteracts wearing the protective style in the first place.  So if your on the fence about taking down your do’ check out our 3 definite signs it’s time to hang up your install:


1. Your Braid Pattern Is Extremely Loose:  When your extensions are hanging on at the mercy of loose braids and new growth it’s a wrap for your install.  Continuing to adorn a weave install with a extremely loose braid pattern will only lead to hair breakage, due to the fact that your natural hair will no longer be able to support the weight of your extensions, causing the hair to break at the point of demarcation.


2.  Blending Has Become Difficult: If your rocking a leave-out and it’s becoming a hassle to blend your real hair over your wefts, specifically in the crown, it’s time to consider retiring your install.  On the upside, your natural hair has grown significantly, causing  a noticeable gap between your wefts and leave-out.  On the downside, there’s nothing cute about your tracks showing!


3. You Can Feel And See Popped Thread: Popped threading is a sure sign that your install has ran its course, especially if it was installed by a professional hairstylists.  Unfortunately, the everyday wear and tear from styling and cleansing your extensions will eventually lead to loose or popped threading. However, don’t fret, if you see or feel popped thread shortly after your hair was installed, you can always have your install tightened to prolong style a tad bit longer.   –@Chanel_Robinson 

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