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Last weekend in Los Angeles, at Budweiser’s “Made in America Festival 2014”, Beyonce and her sister Solange looked relaxed and comfortable as they tossed back a few and enjoyed the music. There were several Beyonce sightings over the weekend but this image of her and Solange shows just how cool the sisters can be.


Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 4.13.58 PM


The bob length waves Bey is rocking reminds me of why I love her so much.  It’s cool, chic and all the way Echelon.  Achieving Bey’s look is simple with our Nature Deep Wavy texture.  The versatility Nature Deep Wavy offers is why it’s one of Echelon’s best selling textures.   You can wear it in big luscious curls or for a sleeker look, you can flatiron and wear it pin straight.  It’s up to you!


For our natural girls, Echelon’s Kinky straight texture will give you Solange’s cool and impressive look.  Both girls make me want to call up my sister and head out for an exciting summer evening, doing nothing and everything at the same time all the while being…… just one of the girls!!

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