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5 Healthy Hair Tips For Women Wearing Extensions!!!

Wearing your natural hair texture while rocking a weave can be very rewarding when you desire a low maintenance style, that will also protect your beautiful coils from everyday wear-and-tear.

But lets be honest, there is a downside for any natural girl trying to properly blend their curls to straighter weave textures with the constant use of thermal irons.  Which we all know is a big NO, and will only lead to excessive heat damage.  But not if you follow these 5 protective tips that will keep your curls right and tight when wearing your favorite extensions:


TIP 1:  Avoid purchasing textures that are silky straight.  Instead try wavy or kinky curly hair textures that resemble your real strands.  This way your able to better blend your weave without the use of thermal styling. Our Nature Curly, Enhanced Coil Curl, and Enhanced Organic Curl patterns are perfect for flawless blending!

TIP 2:  Always opt for protective styles to blend your hair.  Braids are in this season, so try cute loose braids or flat twists to blend your real hair into your weave texture of choice.  And remember, it doesn’t have to look perfect, messy is the new chic!

TIP 3:  If your into straight textured extensions, protect your hair with a Keratin Treatment.  Whether you opt to seek a professional hairstylists or choose a DIY brand, regular keratin treatments help straighten and smooth your natural curl for a easier blend, and usually last 6-8 weeks.

Tip 4:  When using a flat iron or curling iron to blend your hair, use the lowest heat setting possible.  Ideal heating for natural strands range from 300-325 degrees, and we recommend only passing through the hair as needed.

Tip 5:  If you absolutely must use heat to flat iron or curl your strands, please use a heat protectant.  This will help create the necessary protective barrier against heat damage caused by high temperature settings, while controlling frizz and adding shine.  – Chanel L. Robinson



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