Welcome to the World of Echelon Hair, the Best in 100% VIRGIN INDIAN HAIR, directly from the Source.

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Echelon is the premier hair company providing superior Indian virgin hair extensions directly from their place of origin. We are headquartered in New York and own our very own factory located in south India. We sell only 100% Indian virgin hair extensions at the most competitive prices. We never sell synthetic, non-remy, silicone-applied, acid-washed or cuticle stripped hair products. Each Indian virgin hair bundle is meticulously machine wefted with all cuticles facing the same direction to ensure no matting, tangling or shedding. Often times you will find suppliers that sell Chinese, animal blended, or non-remy hair; Echelon Hair is 100% GUARANTEED Indian virgin hair and it hasn’t been chemically processed or altered in any way. With proper care and maintenance, Echelon Hair extensions can last for over twelve months. Our exceptional, 100% Indian Virgin hair extensions can help you effortlessly achieve the beautiful look you desire.


Echelon’s goal is to ensure our Indian virgin hair extensions provide our clientele with 100% satisfaction. We achieve this goal by delivering exceptional, individual attention to every client’s needs — and by providing the highest quality Indian virgin hair exensions on the market today, at the most competitive prices.


It all starts with the process. We begin by carefully selecting our Indian virgin hair extensions from temples in India. Only the healthiest, most youthful hair is chosen, and each hair extension pack comes from one individual donor. The hair is then naturally cleaned at our factory using ultraviolet rays — no harsh cleaning products or chemicals are ever employed in our cleaning processes. A thorough quality audit ensures that all of our Indian virgin hair extensions are hygienic and that all cuticles face in the same direction. Assuring that the cuticles align in the same direction, virtually eliminates any tangling or matting issues. Our hair is then meticulously wefted through a special sewing process, securing the weft and preventing it from shedding. Last, but not least, our Indian hair factory ships the hair extensions to our New York headquarters where they again go through a final, meticulous sort to ensure perfection of every strand.


• Quality: Unlike other hair products on the market today, Echelon controls the entire hair process from beginning to end, and is therefore able to ensure our product’s excellence through a number quality control checks.
• Price: Since Echelon is the direct manufacturer and there are no middle men involved, we are able to hold our overhead costs at a minimum and we pass these saving through to our valued customers, providing them with the highest quality hair products at the most competitive prices.