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Tips & Tricks: KeKe Palmer Shows Us How To Wrap A Partial Hair Weave [Video]!!!

May 27



Actress KeKe Palmer recently took to her Instagram page showing how to properly wrap a partial hair weave.  In the 2-part tutorial, KeKe shows us how to tie down our edges and wrap our hair in the proper direction based on parting! Check out the links below:


KeKe Wraps Hair Part 1

In part 1, KeKe demonstrates how to smooth down your edges, but says, “If you do not need edge control, you can skip those steps.”


KeKe Wraps Hair Part 2

KeKe explains, “The point is to create a tiny circle at the top. But remember, my ladies with partial weaves like me. You must wrap your hair going in the direction of your PART! So if it’s on the right like mine, start your circle on the right, & if it’s on the left, start your circle on the left! :)”




In the above photo she shows off the final product with the caption: “Like a tiny bowl! The result should be similar to this :)- POP A BONNET ON IT & call it a night! Ha. Thanks Auntie Betty for teaching me, hope y’all find this useful. Saves me a lot of time re-straightening in the morning.”



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