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Transitioning the Seasons – Summer to Fall Hair

Sep 5

Summer is almost well and truly behind us now. Although we don’t have to prepare for the extremes of freezing winter weather, the rain and cooler temperatures of Fall will take its toll on your hair. You may find that the products that were working fabulously well in the summer, are not giving you the same results now that the clocks are about to go back!

You can learn a lot about your hair during this time as you experiment with different products and routines. Here are a few things you could try that can help with the transition from summer to the cooler months.

Adjust the amount of protein and moisture you give your hair. You may find that you don’t need as much protein as you did in the summer. Choose a richer leave-in conditioner. This is another way of adding more moisture to your hair as the weather gets colder. Generally, as the temperature drops, you will want to increase the amount of moisture you give your hair, as the air is colder and drier.