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The Growing Business of Hair – Pix 11 News!

Apr 15

As the competition increases amongst hair suppliers and the market becomes saturated, Echelon Hair continues to shine brightly. One of the reasons Echelon Hair has managed to stay at the forefront of this burgeoning business is primarily because of the quality of hair offered to our elite clientele. We offer 100% Indian Virgin Hair and we do not sell synthetic, silicone applied, acid washed or cuticle stripped hair. Echelon Hair is a direct manufacturer of the highest-grade human hair on the market today.  We remain true to the very core of what has made us successful thus far and our clients remain satisfied.



Listen to Echelon’s founder, Raj Thyagarajan (http://pix11.com/2015/04/07/the-growing-business-of-hair-human-and-otherwise/) as he discusses the growing business of hair and the importance of an educated consumer when it comes to 100% Indian Virgin hair.  There is also discussion regarding the many types of hair on the market, the differences in texture and the varying costs.



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