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Everything You Need To Know About Echelon’s Weaving Closures!!!

May 16


Did you know that Echelon offers weaving closures?  That’s right ladies, Echelon’s signature lace and silk closures enables you to give your natural strands a rest while still adorning a flawless blend that’s versatile and easy to style.


Made from our NATURE straight and wavy textures, each closure guarantees a truly undetectable parted area which creates the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp.


Feel free to regularly blow-dry, thermal style, color, and perm your closure without compromising its remarkable quality.


Dimensions: 4″wide by 6″ deep, including lace.  Available in straight or wavy textures.  For more information contact us at 212.372.3435.  –@Chanel_Robinson

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