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December 18th, 2014


Written by Khalilah A. WebsterPosted 10/28/14

Ladies, we have a new CocoaFab Favorite!


Check it out, there is a new premium Virgin Indian Hair that is being worn by celebrities such as RihannaLa La AnthonyAngela SimmonsZoe KravitzRocsi and now it is available for the everyday woman. Yes! You and me.


If there’s one thing that Echelon Hair embodies—it’s the heart, the echo, of the everyday woman. Since its conception in 2010, Echelon’s sole purpose is to make women look and feel fierce, fabulous and flawless.


Echelon Hair is the opulent trend in Virgin Indian hair technology, offering 100% raw and unprocessed human hair directly from its place of origin, guaranteed to last for well over twelve months! It’s no wonder why celebrities, claimed their Echelon. Most recently, even actress Dascha Polanco, claimed her Echelon with the debut of her flawless custom grey unit created by celebrity hair stylist, Cynthia Alvarez, during New York Fashion Week.


Based in the heart and soul of New York City, Echelon prides itself in offering premium Virgin Indian Hair straight from our temple to your temple. As a direct manufacturer, each bundle comes from one individual donor and is naturally cleaned using ultraviolet rays.


Unlike most virgin hair brands, Echelon undergoes rigorous audits to ensure that all of the hair is hygienic and that all cuticles face the same direction, ensuring minimal tangling and matting. As a direct manufacturer, Echelon is able to provide consumers with quality hair products, ensuring 100% satisfaction at the most competitive prices.





“My goal with Echelon was to use my connections with India temples and resources as a factory owner, to provide 100% Virgin hair extensions at an affordable price,” says Raj, Founder of Echelon.


“With so many companies selling poor quality hair, I’m devoted to providing the best quality hair extensions and options for all women.”


Echelon Hair is available in a variety of gorgeous textures such as: Nature Collection (straight, deep wavy, loose wavy and curly), Enhanced Collection (deep curl, afro- curl, ocean curl, coil curl, kinky straight, and relaxed straight), Brazilian Collection (Soft Wave and curly patterns), and Rebel Collection (Colored Indian virgin hair), Echelon has a texture complimentary for every hair type. Each true-to-size, four ounce bundle ranges in lengths from 8 to 34 inches. Lightweight and supple, Echelon hair is chemical free, guaranteeing a flawlessly natural and refined extension style.


Ladies, this truly sounds like the real deal! I can’t wait to claim my Echelon. If you are looking to claim your Echelon please visit Echelon Online at www.echelonhair.com




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