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Love Brown Sugar – 2 Easy Styles for the Jet Setter

March 17th, 2014


So I’m headed to Barbados in just two short days and I cannot wait to lounge beachside and catch some sunsoaked Zzz’s. This new momma needs a mini break. I’ll be heading there for our first annual Caribbean Crawl with my fellow blogger besties Jessica of Glamazons Blog, Danielle of The Style & Beauty Doc, and Lexi of Lexi With The Curls. If you loved our NOLA Crawl or our NYFW Crawls, you’re in for a treat. Make sure you follow the #CaribbeanCrawl hashtag to see all we’re getting into.


Whether you’re prepping to take some vacation time in the spring/summer season or in college planning your spring break, travel is undoubtedly on your laundry list of things to plan out within the next few months. How do I know this? Because if you’re reading this, you’re fly and fabulous and you love to travel like me.

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One of the things I always stress about when planning for a trip is what I’m going to do with my hair! When you’re planning a seaside excursion and have to worry about your hair, all types of anxieties run rampant. How will I tame my hair post-beach or pool? Will I have time to deep condition? Should I opt for extensions? So to put your mind at ease, I’ve come up with a quick list of tried & true easy breezy hairstyles that work for naturals like myself, transitioners, and relaxed divas who don’t want to worry about their hair while on vacay. Check them out:

1. Wavy or Curly Extensions

For those of you who want a look that’s pretty close to your natural hair pattern (or maybe you want to switch it up with something looser), I highly recommend opting for extensions. They are super easy to maintain, they last a while and they take the guesswork out of “how to do my hair today” when you want to focus on beachside fun and cocktails.

For my trip to Barbados in a few days, I’m rocking Echelon Hair in their Deep Wavy Nature Collection. I didn’t want to worry about manipulating any of my hair so I had my stylist do a full-head sew in and give me some cute & funky bangs.

To achieve this look I used 3 bundles of the Echelon Hair Deep Wavy in 14 inches, 16 inches and 18 inches so that I could get a layered look going. This is GREAT hair. It’s 100% virgin and worth every penny. I haven’t had any tangling or excessive shedding and it is super soft & manageable. If you want a curl pattern closer to Type 4 texture, they also have the Enhanced Collection which has the Coil Curl and Organic Curl – tighter textures that are closer to Type 4 hair.