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How to Care for Virgin Remy Hair

Dec 4

Virgin remy hair is an investment and you need to take care of it properly. Following are some suggestions on the proper maintenance of how to keep your hair extension looking at its very best. Braid your hair or place it in a bun before going to bed. You can also wear a night cap made of some soft material like silk. This will prevent tangling as you toss and turn during the night.

Before styling your hair, use your fingers to run through your extension. Also, brushing your hair in one direction will significantly reduce tangles. As you shampoo and condition your hair, do it gently! A deep conditioner used weekly will moisturize your hair, revitalize it, and keep it looking its best.

Washing your remy hair extensions is important because the moisture from your hair care products will make your hair shine and look great. You should wash and condition your hair every three to five days with natural products; avoid harsh chemical cleaning products if at all possible. After washing, let your hair dry naturally to achieve a shiny hairstyle.

If you must use a hair dryer, aim the nozzle at the wefts, to make sure they dry first. Make sure your extension is completely dry before you go to sleep or leave the house — if it remains damp, your hair could develop an unpleasant odor. Visit www.echelon.com for the latest information on hair extensions and their care.