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Healthy Food = Healthy Hair

Sep 6

We love our food here at Select Strands and it’s good to know that some of our favorite things to eat are doing our hair a power of good!



Why? Vitamin B7 (Biotin) – helps to strengthen the hair at the root.

*Other good sources of B7: Nuts, egg yolk, swiss chard, mushrooms, kidney, liver.



Why? Zinc – needed for the production of keratin and a deficiency of zinc can lead to a dry flaky scalp and even hair loss!

*Other good sources of Zinc: Shellfish, calf’s liver, cheese, avocados, raspberries.

Mussels (shellfish)


Why? Iron – essential to hair growth, iron keeps hair in the growing phase. Iron deficiency (anaemia) can mean that hair will enter the shedding phase sooner than it should and will therefore not reach its desired length.

*Other good sources of Iron: Chicken, beef, nuts, pulses and dark green vegetables.



Why? Protein – hair is around 97% protein and eating good quality protein is important in maintaining the health, strength and growth of the hair.

*Other good sources of Protein: Poultry, dairy, legumes, quinoa.



Why? Omega 3 – a fatty acid that is important to protect the scalp from drying, as sebaceous glands in the scalp use fatty acids to create sebum. Omega 3 also helps with hair strength and shine.

*Other good sources of Omega 3: meat from grass fed animals, flaxseed (linseeds), chia seeds, cauliflower, tahini (sesame seeds), walnuts.