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Hair Smarts: 4 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear A Weaving Net!!!

May 6



Choosing to wear a weaving net while adorning a weave is one of the best choices a girl can make!  Not only does it help protect your hair from damage and breakage during your install, but it also allows for styling versatility, as well as saves you time when it’s time to take down your install!


However, while some women swear by weaving nets, some are still on the fence.  So if in doubt, here’s 4 important reasons why you should always opt for a weaving net before installing your extensions:


1. Protects Your Hair From Breakage:  It’s very simple – using a weaving net to cover your real strands helps protect your hair from the daily stress of combing, brushing, and styling your extensions because the wefts are sewn onto the cap instead of your actual braid pattern.


2. You Can Create A Custom Install: Since wearing a weaving net allows you to sew directly onto the net instead of your braids, your stylist has the ability to lay your tracks according to the style you’re trying to achieve without worrying about your braid pattern.


3. More Bundles, More Fullness:  A weaving net gives you the option of sewing your wefts closer together, therefore it’s perfect for creating a full install that requires 3 or more bundles, especially if your installing longer lengths and want more body.


4. Saves Time:  It’s bad enough that sew-ins can take forever, but you’ll be happy to know that sewing on a weaving net requires less time than actually sewing through a braid pattern.  Which means it’ll also require less time to take down your sew-in because you’ll simply be snipping the tread from the net, instead of your precious strands.   – @Chanel_Robinson

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