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Aug 26

HAIR! Yes we said it, hair! It seems one of the many growing trends in hair styling is big hair, and we’re not talking just a little extra volume… We’re talking ENORMOUS. The days of bone straight, sleek hair have taken a back seat to the poof. BIG hair is the pinnacle of glamour. And right now, hardly a week goes by when we don’t see some of the world’s most famous women (Lady GaGa, Oprah) sporting a huge helmet of hair.
Though it is worth remembering that the higher you go, the more inches you compromise on length. And it’ll take you at least half an hour to get it standing virtually upright. Pile your damp hair with mousse before blow-drying with a large barrel brush, tonging large sections, and backcombing using a fine-tooth comb – spraying with styling spray, to give it texture, then finished the look with lashings of hairspray, AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! BIG HAIR!