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Create New Excitement with Hair Extensions for Your Salon and Extend Your Potential Earning Opportunities

Dec 4


Professional salon hair extension products are hot and getting even more popular with celebrities as well as every day salon clients. Recently there have been more hair extension companies exhibiting at the professional beauty trade shows than shampoo and appliance companies.
Hair extensions are definitely much more main stream and popular with women and teens, even Hollywood celebrities, beauty pageant contestants and TV news anchors are using hair extensions today. It’s time for your salon to take advantage of hair extension artistry and increase your profitability.

The increasing number of Hollywood celebrities, musicians, beauty pageant queens and high profile women who are using hair extensions are making this fashion trend one of the hottest in the beauty and fashion industries. The list is almost endless: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Kidman, Faith Hill, Jessica Simpson, and others often magically go from smooth and sleek looks to long voluminous looks overnight – while wonderfully taking advantage of today’s hair extension options. Today, professional hair extension services are available to any hair salon who wants to use them. Help your clients to new beautiful looks and your salon to more profitability. Visit www.echelon.com and find out how.